A volunteer think tank

developing ideas for the socially just design of an accelerated ecological transformation, for a break with neoliberal paradigms, for progressive climate, environmental and social policy in the EU


Climate crisis, biodiversity crisis, crisis of democracy, economic crisis - crises are omnipresent. And dealing with crises and the transformation processes to overcome them also characterise politics and debates in Europe and beyond.

We want to enrich the discourse on crises and their solutions with constructive, scientifically sound contributions. We want to communicate science and politics in an understandable and tangible way. We want to develop positive narratives and specific policy proposals for a socially just ecological transformation.

Our work is inspired by the ideas and demands of the Green New Deal movement, whose core concern is the fair organisation of the ecological transformation. In the concept of the Green New Deal, climate and environmental protection, prosperity and social justice are not played off against each other, but are considered together. The state is given responsibility for regulation and financing. People are consistently included in the transformation and not left behind.

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