What we do:

Mission Fair Transition is a volunteer think tank. We work on policy proposals for the socio-ecological transformation in various topic-related working groups. We want to build a bridge between scientific publications and progressive political ideas on the one hand and the general public and political actors on the other.
We familiarize ourselves with the problems, compare and evaluate solutions on a sound scientific basis and then draw up demands and proposals.

In this way, we break down policy and research in a comprehensible way and develop ideas for progressive policy measures. The aim is to enable others to talk about transformation issues in an informed and discerning way and to formulate clear demands.
In this way, we also want to inspire other actors from the climate, social and democracy movement with our ideas and build influential networks for the implementation of progressive policies.


Who we are:

We are a growing initiative of currently around 40 people, founded in autumn 2023. We are made up of a wide variety of people - students, doctoral candidates, workers, retirees and school pupils - who are calling for a socially just, yet Paris-compliant transformation.
Everything takes place on a voluntary basis, with the aim of not only making a meaningful contribution to the public debate, but also to counter the feeling of our own powerlessness and make a constructive difference together.


How we work:

The working groups meet weekly, share their research findings, discuss and evaluate policy measures. In the course of the work, this research and discussion then results in scientifically sound output in the form of explanatory texts, policy briefs, statements and social media posts.
You can join existing groups or set up a group on a different topic and find fellow campaigners through our network. There are also groups that prepare content for social media and a team for organizing.

In everything we do, everyone only gives as much as they can, so we can create something positive together!

Write us an email and we can arrange an onboarding session and discuss everything else. We look forward to seeing you!

Jonas Plattner

Jonas Plattner (founder, working group on financing)

  • from Stuttgart, Germany
  • 25 years old
  • student of International Relations and Philosophy at the University of Erfurt
  • Member of the german branch of the association "Rethinking Economics" and the heterodox economic think tank "Samuel Pufendorf Gesellschaft für politische Ökonomie" 
  • former intern at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action 

Merete Looft (working group on agriculture)

I'm Merete, 25 years old and originally from a small village in Schleswig-Holstein (Germany). Recently, I finished my master in Public Policy and I am especially interested in questions of global development and how to create a green transition in a socially inclusive and just way. Moreover, I wrote my master thesis about the European Common Agriculture Policy and am ever since invested in how to reform the policy in a way that sets us on the path towards sustainable agricultural practices in the EU.

Philipp Cremer (organizational team)

I am Philipp, 21 years old and currently studying economics. I am very interested in politics and society and really started thinking about climate change in school when Fridays for Future started to grow in Germany. The last year felt like there were no real progresses anymore in climate action and politics. This made me feel helpless in a way and I started looking for a group to be part of the change and to try some different approaches. And just like this we found each other and started this project.
Next to studying I make a lot of music in different groups.

Lena Hellfors (organizational team)

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