Book Review: The Green New Deal and Beyond (by Stan Cox)

Published on 2 November 2023 at 13:00

Hey folks, in order to help members of our initiative and everyone else who is interested in Europe's just transition get familiar with the idea of a Green New Deal, we plan publish literature reviews for relevant books and papers from time to time. Today, we start this project with a review of Stan Cox´ "The Green New Deal and Beyond" that was written by our member Jonas. 

In his 2020 book, Stan Cox sheds a light at the history of the idea of a Green New Deal. He rewards the US version of the GND as a good first step, but criticizes it for not challenging the fossil fuel industry and not reversing the widespread ecological damage. If not implemented with great caution, the (American) Green New Deal in its nature as a stimulus package has the potential to continue to encourage destructive economic growth. Cox advocates for stricter direct measures to fight the fossil fuel industry and for overcoming the fallacious paradigm of green growth that is, in his view, at odds with climatological necessities.

Have you become curious? Read our review! 

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